Buying or Selling a Home in San Bernardino County, Riverside, or surrounding CA ares?

Let our home inspector examine every inch of your property

You’re relocating to either San Bernardino County, Riverside, or surrounding California areas, and you think you’ve found the perfect house. Until you schedule a home inspection, don’t sign any dotted lines. Marroquin Home Inspections provides extensive residential inspections. We’ll make sure your dream home is actually inhabitable. Once our home inspector compiles his report, he’ll explain the pros and cons of your preferred real estate listing.

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Make a wise business investment in San Bernardino County, Riverside, or surrounding CA areas

Are you launching a new business? Marroquin Home Inspections can help you find an ideal location. Our home inspector is InterNACHI certified, and he has over seven years of industry expertise. Let a knowledgeable professional inspect commercial office buildings on your behalf. We want your grand opening to be a hit.

During a residential or commercial inspection, we will:

  • Check the sewer line and look for plumbing problems
  • Search for cracks in the foundation
  • Make sure the roof is in good condition
  • Turn electrical appliances on and off
  • Investigate the source of leaks

You can depend on Marroquin Home Inspections. We serve San Bernardino, CA and the surrounding areas, including Orange County, Riverside County, and LA County, so schedule your inspection today.

3 questions to ask home sellers

At Marroquin Home Inspections, we encourage home buyers to dig deeper. Ask questions like these when touring a property:

  1. How old is the HVAC system?
  2. Have you ever dealt with mold?
  3. Is the attic insulated sufficiently?

When in doubt, let us conduct a thorough home inspection.

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