Make Sure That Home Is Worth Your Investment

Hire us for an accurate homebuyer’s inspection in San Bernardino County, Riverside, or surrounding CA areas

Don’t let the pressure of closing on a home quickly make you skip a homebuyer’s inspection. An inspection from the experts at Marroquin Home Inspections can save you from a bad investment. We’ll inspect your prospective home from top to bottom and alert you of any issues. You’ll have a clear picture of the home you’re about to move into so you can move forward with the purchase with confidence or choose another property.

Hire our inspectors today for the thorough inspection you need.

Why should you schedule a homebuyer’s inspection?

A homebuyer’s inspection conducted by Marroquin Home Inspections comes with a number of benefits. Our inspections can:

Give you peace of mind knowing your home is safe for your family.
Help you negotiate repairs or a lower price.
Let you know about potential maintenance requirements.

Don’t let problems with your home catch you off guard weeks after you’ve made your purchase. Call us today at 909-587-9324 before you close.